Communed with Flaco the Owl in Central Park yesterday!

Owl in leaf-covered tree.

Another look at tech!

Photo of a white room filled with glowing tables and pink table lamps.

Perhaps the oddest tech table I’ve sat at in a while.

Photo of laptop on chair and books on a glowing table.

Birbs! 🦅

Photo of Ocean with lots of birds.

Just ran a whole Isadora show on an M1 Max MacBook Pro while forgetting to plug it in. Apple Silicon really is amazing.

On my way back to NYC!

What yummy light along the river. 🚂

Leaving NYC on the way to KC for Thanksgiving! 🚂

Had some Canine Time last night!

Mushroom risotto and prosecco at Gigino Trattoria. 😋

Large plate of mushroom risotto and a glass of prosecco on a white tablecloth. There's a fake LED candle and soft daylight is illuminating the scene.

Such a lovely place to wait for the train. 🚂

A backyard restaurant garden with picnic tables and rocky paths.

Just before 2pm in New York, NY.

A Day In The Life. 🗓🌎

Looking way up at an seventy plus story skyscraper from the twenty second floor of the building next door.

//@hollyhoneychurch Photo leaves much to be desired, but it took some maneuvering to get a shot of the back of my head! 😁

Photo of a bearded man in his late 30s, wearing a blue lenin shirt and green baseball cap. His dark curly hair is in a ponytail sticking out the back of the hat.


New York State Absentee Ballot Envelope.

I met this little white fluffball just now!

Small white, fluffy dog on a suburban sidewalk.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 30:

Two friends who were a vision in their wedding dresses.

Two women in wedding dresses standing next to a stone column.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 29:

A leap to the past.

An old Colotran ellipsoidal theatrical light.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 28:

What is below the history we like to remember?

A 18th century painting of a white womam being waited upon by a black child slave. The white woman has been "cut" out of the painting and the void reveals s portrait of a black woman's face.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 27:

Little and Big Brothers Together!

A six inch wrench above an eight inch wrench.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 26:

There’s be no escaping the bear doggos of Tribeca. 🐶

Two extremely large white dogs being walked on a New York City sidewalk.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 25:

Hurtling* through the Welsh countryside in 2014.

* Yes, I’m proudly cheating. 😁

View of manor house, field, and hills through a train window.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 24:

A stack of books doubling as structural support.

A tall stack of old books in a barn.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 23:

I’m a big fan of Grand Central Terminal’s* Grumpy.

* Grand Central Station is the post office. 🤓

Macchiato on wood counter.

Some proper latte art. ☕️

Latte with a heart in the middle, surrounded by swiggles.

February Photoblogging Challenge Day 22:

The spectacle of father/daughter bonding amongst nerds. 🤓

Father and daughter sitting next to each other on a couch. They are both completely focused on their laptops.