2019-07-07: Worksheeting and Rough Drafting.

2019-07-07: Retouch on the iPhone does a surprisingly great job.

2019-07-07: Up into the mountains. For 24 hours!

2019-07-07: Mornin’ Mountain!

2019-07-01: Some light summer reading for my next project with Sister Sylvester! 📚🎭

2019-06-22: Everyman does it right!

2019-06-22: Summer arrives in NYC!

2019-06-21: Ice cream on the solstice. //@hollyhoneychurch

2019-06-21: Script study in the summer.

2019-06-19: Happy Juneteenth! 🎆🎇

2019-06-12: Elizabeth Warren is officially my favorite candidate. On Ezra Klein’s podcast, she just talked …

2019-05-30: Ninety minutes; two-and-a-half concerts; every cue roughed in. 💪

2019-05-29: Maybe de Blasio should stop his idiotic presidential campaign and figure out a way to not eviscerate …

2019-05-28: Sitting at a sidewalk cafe with a glass of wine and a book (though it’s a kindle). Maybe there’s …

2019-05-28: I think I’ve reached peak New Yorker in LA—I’m pasty white, wearing all black, walking, …

2019-05-27: Prairie brush? 🚂

2019-05-27: Yesterday in Iowa. 🚂

2019-05-27: A tad more majestic than O’Hare. 🚂

2019-05-27: Fifteen minutes in western Kansas. 🚂

2019-05-26: Passing thru Ohio! 🚂

2019-05-11: Ugh. Reclining all the way on planes is such a blargh example of the “I’ve got mine” ethos plaguing …

2019-03-24: A little blue and yellow fun on my part. //@jeremycherfas

2019-03-07: Oh, MTA, is it really that hard to create a website that doesn’t look like it’s from 1997 and being …

2018-06-23: More safe electrics. About 40kw in this cabinet. Which one stands directly in front of and …

2018-06-14: Went to a local farmers’ market with a friend and saw some very cute bunnies. 😃🐇



2018-06-05: A few old photos from a friend’s front yard…